Max’s Business Furniture Company Profile

Max’s Business Furniture, LLC has installed over $75 million of office furniture — new, used and refurbished office and cubicle systems furniture.

All of Max’s services are provided with our own trucks and installers, and most of our staff are long-time employees with many years of diverse experience.

Max’s prides itself on our reputation and dedication to good service.

History of Max’s Business Furniture

Today, Max’s Business Furniture, LLC is a full-service office furniture sales and services company serving the Washington DC Area for over 20 years.

Formerly Wholesale Connection Office Furniture, Inc., Max’s opened its doors for business in the summer of 1991, and has been in continuous business operation for almost 21 years.

After spending 5 years at The University of Maryland, College Park Campus pursuing a degree Business Administration, with a Minor in Marketing, Max Sentner began what was called Wholesale Connection Office Furniture, and quickly became an innovator in the industry by providing extra services that no other companies in the industry could, or would provide.

In a very short time, Wholesale Connection Office Furniture became a reputable and trusted Company, with hundreds of private organizations, associations, and government institutions depending on them for fast and reliable service, competitive prices, and innovative ideas & product offerings.

On the advice of our long-time accountant and business advisor, Wholesale Connection changed it’s name to Max’s Business Furniture, LLC of Maryland, and opened a separate branch in Sussex County, Delaware named MaxSource, LLC.

By providing these services, taking care of it’s employees, and providing services that no other company could, would, or ever thought it viable to provide, Max’s grew quickly to it’s current size, where it has stayed in its Niche Market. Max’s basic business plan has stayed the same over the years, giving our customer’s the best possible service and offering quality mid-market-priced office furniture. Max’s has always been committed to keeping employees for the long term.

Max’s prefers to stay small, with an average of 1.5 to 3 million dollars in sales per year; this allows Max’s to provide small company service to our customers, while offering a multitude of product offerings, at a great discount.