Office Furniture Sales and Services

Max’s Business Furniture, LLC is a full-service office furniture sales and services company serving the Washington DC Area for over 20 years. Max’s Business Furniture Services have evolved over the years to include the following services:

Office FurnitureOffice Planning:

  • Consultation
  • Floor Plan Design
  • Project Management

Office Installation:

  • Installation
  • Reconfiguration
  • Relocation

Office Furniture Sales:

  • Liquidation
  • Leasing
  • New and Used

Furniture ManufacturersOther Services:

  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Repair/Refurbishing

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(Additional Manufacturers by Special Request)

8 Tips for Doing Business with Max’s Business Furniture:

  1. When selling furniture we take the approach of balancing cost savings with providing the best quality goods for your dollar spent.
  2. We provide a good mix of high quality used products, that we cherry pick from the best of the best. These items, such as lateral files can be purchased used and add up to quite a bit of savings for your bottom line.
  3. We have a wholesale account with the areas premiere moving equipment company, Rent a crate,, we can provide you with all your crates and wheels you will need to make your move go more smoothly, and provide the crates to you at our wholesale mover’s rate cost.
  4. For customer’s who are purchasing new goods from us we can provide them with low cost hourly rate on moving, and removal services. For Large jobs, we can dismantle, remove, and haul away goods at a flat rate of $650.00 to $750.00 per 15 foot truckload. All items will be recycled. We can give you a low hourly rate of $30.00 per man per hour for any services related to any particular job, such as moving, taking away a small amount of old furniture, and inter-office moves. For our delivery / installation charges-on all good we sell, we give wholesale installation pricing.
  5. Consignment and buyback program. Max’s Consignment program, we give you a free no cost verbal and / or written assessment of the worth of your goods, we write up a list of the items that are saleable, and place them on consignment. We will cover the entire cost of the disassembly, packaging, removal, and storage of your items in our warehouses and showroom, at no cost to you. We will set prices and sell the items, and split the proceeds 50% and 50%. There is no cost on any labor passed on to you the customer, as the installation cost is passed on directly to the buyer.
  6. If our customer prefers, we can give a flat rate trade in value on any items.
  7. Max’s and it’s team members offer free assessments, advice, and move management services at no charge as part of purchase job, and for our long time customers. We have saved companies thousands of dollars over the years. We will obtain systems furniture permits for Montgomery, Prince Georges, Fairfax, and Arlington Counties. We will attend your construction meetings and assess your construction blueprints, talk with your IT planners, and electricians. We will visit the sites for measuring changes, and doing a walk through you’re your construction superintendent, electrician, and phone / data person.
  8. Max’s has experience with most all different types of systems furniture, high end and mid market furniture lines, custom reception and conference room furniture, mail and filing room furniture, ergonomic seating, as well as refurbishing, refinishing, and repair services. Max’s has been one of the number one Herman Miller systems refurbishers in the Metro area for the past 15 years.